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Secret Stuff on the America's Cup
One of our Founders has a friend with inside scoop on the New York Yacht Club's America's Cup Challenge boats.  Thought you might enjoy it, along with other links from earlier posts:

Fri 5/31/2019 8:07 AM

I watched them put the MULE together this past fall (when it was modified and assembled in the back of the old Hall Spars building in Bristol). They moved it into Building #8 at Hinckley, Portsmouth.... and they did all there sea-trialing out of there (until shipping it down to Pensacola Bay for the winter).


Back at the Hall Spars building; they have been building the (2) full-scale AC75s and were preparing to launch the first one at the end of March... but a Class design change popped-up and they had to wait for the new parts to be built (re-designed canting arms). The entire AC75 fleet is now waiting for the parts were being fabricated. AMERICAN MAGIC don't expect to be finished until the middle of the summer (but will again be assembled and launched  at Hinckley).


The MULE was sailed by five crewmen. The AC75 will have a crew of 11 (with all but four of them pumping hydraulics). While most eyes will be on the helmsman Dean Barker; the "magic" will mostly be orchestrated by Andrew Campbell (foil trimmer, who was one of the technicians on Oracle 2017).


The last time I stopped by the "barn" they were contemplating moving away from the rigid Mylar wing (mainsail) and seriously thinking about a double-luff mainsail. They are not allowed to use inflatable battens (by the new rules) The gantry at the top of the mast should help control twist, but twist will mainly be controlled by leech-tension and leech-lines (and an air-bag near the head-board to provide around 660-lbs of buoyancy... in the event of capsize). Instead of taking 30 - 40 people. (about an hour or so) to install the wing in an AC72.... they can just drop the double-luff sail.


Since I had direct access to cheap parts (the old Bliss Ship Model Chandlery); I built (2) radio-controlled America’s Cup 12 meter/RC boats (almost 4-feet long). I wasted Sunday mornings racing them in Cunliff Lake, at Roger Williams Park, Providence (right behind the Temple of Music). There was a regular crowd of racers.. whom included Hank Bouchard (meteorologist at Channel 12), Walter Leslie Brian (alias Salty Brine), Ralph Potter (Potter-Hazlehurst Advertising & S-Boat Sailor)...  the entertainment value was HUGE. I raced mostly local, and off-seasons... but went up to the Regional Regatta in Back Bay, Wolfeboro, NH... twice (and got my ass kicked).


End of sea-story...


Kids and Ships:

We were contacted by a Youth Service Librarian who is running a fun ship history and beginner modeling class for 7-14 year olds.  He thanked us for some of the cool boat link information we have on the website whch their group has used.  The group was formed to bring the heritage of the sea to kids here in Palm Coast.  They meet regularly and have been invited to the pond.  We are looking to do some presentations on ship building, model building, The Golden Age of sailing and maybe even a blast of the new tech and the Americas Cup from among our members.  Meantime, here is a timeline on boats and shipping put together by one of the youngsters and posted on a brokerage website.


Ancient City Regatta

PCMYC was well represented at the Ancient City/Region 7 EC12 Regatta at St. Augustine in April with two sailors on the course and numerous members spectating over the two days.

Our own Founder Bill helped out with race management.  A fine job by JMYC R/D Brenda Pardee.

Founder Frank had a good day on Sunday.

Frank Cruises...

Frank Sails...  Note that shirt color matches the trim on his EC12.  That's Stylin!!!

Frank leads the way across the line...

Boats Needed
The PCMYC has several members looking for used DF95's.  Keep the antenna peeled for any we might pick up for them.
Contact Otto Pope if you have a prospect.