Rules and Sailing Tips

The purpose of The Racing Rules of Sailing is to keep sailors and boats safe and to provide fair competition

The rules are governed by a basic principle:

Sportsmanship and the Rules

Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire.

Link to USSailing Racing Rules 2017-2020 and helpful rules explanation books:

2009-2012 Racing Rules for Sailing for R/C Boats:
   Displays many situations to test your knowledge.

*South Carolina Low Country Model Yacht Assoc:
   You Tube Videos by Fran DiTommaso, Fleet Secretary
   By clicking on the link, it will take you to videos with different scenarios which can be opened to full screen and paused to study and
   analyze each situation. The end of a video leads into the next.
*Duke City Model Yacht Club's Guide into racing: Intro to rules 3-24-09.pdf